About the Viewers

Pender's Sheet Music Downloads contains one of the most complete selections of digital sheet music online, representing music from a variety of publishers. Because of this, the functionality of our digital sheet music viewers can vary by product and by publisher

Many products on the penders.com/digital site can be viewed directly on a web browser with internet connection. This sheet music automatically scales to fit the screen of the device you’re using, and zoom controls help you make further adjustments. There’s also a button to turn on the “performance mode” which hides any unnecessary toolbars, maximizes the size of the music, and enables page turns by using the spacebar or arrow keys (on a computer) or by tapping the left and right side of the screen (on a tablet, phone, or other touch-enabled device).

These products may also contain built-in annotation tools. Text, pen or highlighter tools located above the sheet music are convenient to access and simple to use. On a tablet, phone, or other touch-enabled device, just use your finger to select the appropriate tool and color, and draw or type your annotations right on top of the music. You can resize or move annotations as needed.

Some products on the site are best viewed using a PDF reader (such as Adobe Reader). If you choose a product with this requirement and don’t already have a PDF reader installed on your device, you can download Adobe Reader for free here:

If a song is Interactive, clicking the Interactive link will load the Interactive file, and will allow you to use the playback and transposition features, adjust the tempo, and change the note sizes/zoom level of your sheet music prior to printing. You can even use the online Interactive file as a learning aid.


Play Along with Audio and Video

Some titles come bundled with helpful extras, like video lessons, audio demonstration tracks, and/or play-along tracks. You can stream these right from within the browser, or download the files and add to your music library in iTunes, or other preferred music or video player.